Eilat Restaurants

A perfect vacation in Eilat, the beautiful city in the south of Israel, should include a few nights in one of the most beautiful, pampering, Eilat hotels, some fun in the sun while enjoying all of Eilat attractions (beautiful beaches, rich nature underwater life, charming promenade, diverse sea sports and more) including the superb, delicious, diverse choice of Eilat restaurants. The culinary scene in Eilat has significantly increased over the last few years, and these days, you can find any kind of Eilat restaurants you wish for: from fast food stalls to gourmet, high class Eilat restaurants, conducted by famous chefs, offering much more than just dinner. You can also find Eilat restaurants which specialize in local Israeli food, made out the most fresh, tasty products, as well as Eilat restaurants which offer International cuisine, with tastes from France, Italy, Japan, American cuisine A and any other cuisine you might wish for. As a city which lies on the sea shore, many of Eilat restaurants specialized in fish and seafood dishes. One off most famous of Eilat restaurants is “Pago Pago”, overlooking the breathtaking view of the Red Sea. Pago Pago specializes in delicious seafood dishes, gourmet chef servings and a great, Living ambience atmosphere. Another famous restaurant in Eilat is the “Ginger” , located on the art of tourist center ,the specializing in all kinds of Asian cuisine…. “THE SECRET OF GINGER IS IN ITS DELICATE SPICINESS, RICHNESS, THE SWEETNESS OF ITS AROMA  AND ITS ABILITY TO SEXUALLY AROUSE…” Many of Eilat restaurants are located on the beach, offering, alongside the great food, a breathtaking view on the waters, on the immense Mountains and on the Desert, adding additional flavors to your dishes. These kinds of Eilat restaurants are also the most romantic ones, and are perfect for couples on a romantic holiday. Though most of those Eilat restaurants are good and fair priced. Some off Eilat restaurants are located in famous, well-known Eilat hotels, offering a mixture of flavors from all over the world to the hotel’s guests as well as to the public. These Eilat restaurants are usually kosher, and will not serve sea food or non kosher products. Besides chef Eilat restaurants, fast food dishes, or restaurants in the hotels in Eilat, you can find almost any chain of known Israeli restaurants in Eilat, which will appeal to each and everyone taste and preferences.