Eilat Attractions

A vacation in Eilat is always fun, energized and full with great memories.The city, which lies on the Red Sea’s shore, offers many pleasures and memorable moments, and there are plenty of Eilat attractions to suit each and everyone’s taste.

After spending a good night’s sleep at one of Eilat hotels, you are ready to face the day and choose which Eilat attractions are the ones for you, although, you can decide not to choose and just do all of Eilat attractions, one after one.
The most known of Eilat attractions is the coral reef. The beautiful reef that extends over more than 1200 meters is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the worlds, and attracts many of visitors and sea lovers, which are all amazed from the clarity of the waters and the amazing wild nature life that lies beneath them.

The sea lovers will also love other Eilat attractions, such as aqua-sport diving, snorkeling, an introduction diving lesson (which can lead to an entire diving course) or a visit to the charming dolphin reef. There are many Eilat attractions based on its beautiful Red Sea besides the mentioned above, including many sea sports (kite surfing, windsurfing), speedboat rides, kayaks, tubing, water- ski and the Underwater Observatory Marine Park, which is an unforgettable experience.
Some of Eilat hotels are also great Eilat attractions and a must see, like the amazing Hilton Queen of Sheba hotel or the secluded, luxurious Orchid hotel in Eilat. Some of Eilat hotels offer their own Eilat attractions, whether is a private beach, a private show or entertainment program, a private water park or trendy bars and clubs. For the adventurers, Eilat attractions can provide some adrenaline and excitement: Eilat attractions such as Ice space for ice skating, jeep trips, ATV trips, ranger trips, sea parachuting, the fear maze, Timna Park, camel rides and much more.
All those Eilat attractions can be a part of the Eilat deals or Eilat special offers and could be booked in advance, for you own comfort. But even if you haven’t’ booked them in advance, you can still enjoy all of Eilat attractions, be spontaneous and just book them on place. There are suitable Eilat attractions to all kind of travelers, from the romantic couples through families and up to groups of friend looking for some good time in one of Eilat hotels and profit of all Eilat attractions.