Club In Eilat

Club In Eilat Hotel located a 10 minutes walk from Almog Beach, and some other beaches and attractions are nearby aswell. Moreover Eilat‘s city center

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Katza Beach Eilat

Located on the southern shores of Eilat, Katza Beach is a natural beach strip and is the ideal place for snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming.

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9 Beach Eilat

The 9 beach Eilat is located on the northen shores of Eilat. It is near the promenade and the shopping mall. The 9 beach is

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Mosh Beach Eilat

Mosh Beach is located on the southern area of Eilat‘s Shores. It offers you tropical-like beach with chill vibes. The beach is in a great

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Camel Ranch Eilat

The Camel Ranch is a perfect place for hosting an authentic entertainment events for families and groups. It is just a 10 minutes ride from

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Dolphin Reef Eilat

Located on the southern shores of Eilat, the Dolphin Reef is an unique attraction place that offers an opportunity to observe and swim with dolphins.

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Shato Eilat

Shato Eilat is a Kosher restaurant that offers eastern and western fusion cuisine. A wide selection of fine meat, and gourmet meals are served. Additionally

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Ginger Eilat

Ginger Eilat is an Asian fusion restaurant. You can find along the meals that served in the restaurant inspiration from the best asian cuisines. Within

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